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Project Description

Blobuploader is designed for China Windows Azure. The application package includes two command line tools. Blobuploader is used for Windows Azure blob upload and pageuploader is used for page blob upload(i.e. vhd file).

Blobuploader usage sample: blobuploader c:\temp Container/temp -p *.txt -a
Above sample will upload all *.txt files in c:\temp (including all sub directories) to Azure storage container "container/temp"

Pageuploader usage sample: pageuploader c:\vhd\win2012disk.vhd container/vhd
Above sample will upload "win2012disk.vhd" file in c:\vhd directory to Azure storage container "container/vhd"

Getting started
To get started, you must configure the file "blobuploader.exe.config" & "pageuploader.exe.config" with your Azure storage account info, steps are

1. Unzip the file "" to a directory
2. Open "blobuploader.exe.config" and "pageuploader.exe.config" by "Notepad.exe" or other editing tools
3. Replace below values with your storage account information

<add key="StorageAccount" value="Your storage account name" />
<add key="StorageKey" value="Storage Account key" />
<add key="IsMC" value="true" />

Note: you must set <add key="IsMC" value="true" /> if your storage account locates in China Data Center, otherwise set the value as "false"

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